Scholarly growth has been a success according to Kabila

Kabila standing

Today the great leader Joseph Kabila spoke to the nation on the RTNC. The reviews of that speech are not mellow. People accuse him of downplaying the state of the country and giving his curriculum vitae for the December 2018 elections. One thing we noticed from a couple of disgruntled viewers was that he talked about the amount of scholars being much higher now than in 1997. He simply equated the number of scholars in 1997 (10 million) with the number of scholars in 2018 (22 million) scholars. The number seem to have doubled if we just take the numbers at face value. These numbers would mean that the RDC scholar community has grown by 120%. Which is an astonishing number, just marvelous, if we didn’t just do this little mathematic exercise.

What’s the percentile of scholars in the years he equated with each other?

In 1997 reports claim that we had a population of 44,5 million people, from which 10 were supposed to be scholars, so the country had a scholar’s percentile of roughly 22,47%.

In 2018 reports claim that we have a population of 83 million people in the country, that gives the DRC a scholar’s percentile of roughly 26,5%

So the growth from 1997 to 2018 is 4,03%. That’s clearly not enough change in 20 years.