Our philosophy

We work independently from regimes, heads of states or biased organizations. Our only objective is to deliver the truth via facts, unbiased and fair.

  • Our fundamental values lie in truth, accuracy and fact. Because without facts there is no truth, and we think that truth is the cradle of democracy.
  • We want the uphold the truth and journalistic integrity in the roam of the Congolese community, trough a variety of digital media outlets.
  • People in power should be held accountable for their misuse or abuse of power. The public is entitled to know as much as possible so they can make their own informed opinion.
  • As we live in a country that is labelled as democratic and we wish to see if that is the truth. As again, we think that the truth is the cradle of democracy.
  • We support open and civil exchange of views, even if they’re not supported by the mass, even if they’re repugnant.
  • We clearly provide a distinction between advocacy and commentary as we aspire to be as unbiased as possible in our news reporting.
  • We never deliberately distort facts, including audiovisual information.